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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Statement by the Royal Office on Spanish PM Visit

Pedro Sánchez Reiterates Spain's Position Supporting Autonomy Plan

Here follows a statement by the Royal Office:

"His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, received, today at the Royal Palace in Rabat, His Excellency Mr. Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain, currently on a working visit to Morocco.

This visit follows on from the new stage in bilateral relations, initiated by the meeting between His Majesty the King, may God glorify Him, and the President of the Spanish Government, in April 2022, and the adoption, on that occasion, of the Joint Declaration between the two countries.

This new momentum is progressing satisfactorily. It is marked by strengthening cooperation, coordination and partnership in all fields, based on the principles of trust, mutual respect, ambition, good neighborliness and respect for commitments.

During this Audience, the President of the Spanish Government reiterated to His Majesty the King, may God preserve Him, Spain’s position, contained in the joint declaration of April 2022, considering the Moroccan autonomy initiative as the most serious, realistic and credible basis to settle this dispute. His Majesty the King thanked Spain for this new constructive and important position.

His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, and His Excellency Mr. Pedro Sánchez, underlined unique cooperation prospects opening up for the two neighboring countries. The joint organization, with Portugal, of the 2030 Football World Cup is a further lever for strengthening bilateral ties.

The President of the Spanish Government also welcomed and highlighted Spain's interest in the strategic initiatives launched by His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, notably the African Atlantic Coastal Initiative, the Royal Initiative to enable Atlantic access for Sahel countries, and the Nigeria-Morocco African-Atlantic Gas Pipeline.

This audience was attended from the Spanish side, by José Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and Emma Aparici, Secretary General of Foreign Affairs at the Presidency of the Government, and from the Moroccan side, by Fouad Ali El Himma, HM the King’s Advisor, and Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates.

On his arrival at the Royal Palace, the President of the Spanish government reviewed a detachment of the Royal Guard who paid the honors, before being invited to the traditional ceremony of milk and date offering".

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