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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Airports Minimize

Since 1975, the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment and Transport has undertaken several extension and modernisation operations of the airport infrastructure in the Sahara region so as to adapt them to the needs of Sahrawi citizens.

Thanks to air transport, the supplying of people with essential goods was secured (food, medicine, supplies). It has also facilitated managers ‘travel (doctors, engineers, teachers, civil servants, technicians) whose presence was necessary to carry out development efforts.

Consequently, the achievements carried out between 1975 and 2006 are manifested as follows:   

  Hassan I airport in Laâyoune:





 Works Description      Amount
1977 Reparation of the old road 2.400 m X 50 m and its lane  MAD 5 million
1978 Power station and plane park lighting MAD 3 million  


Construction of a new track of 2.700 m X 45 m for the reception of all the types of planes MAD  50 million   

Stage 2

Construction of lanes of 7.100 m X 23 m connecting the two take-off runways and parking spaces 

1975-1982 Installation of various assistance navigation equipment of to and equipment and air terminal equipment

  21 million  

Stage 1
Extension of parking spaces reserved to commercial aviation amounting to 17.080 meter square increasing their capacity to 5 stations for standard four-jet aircraft B. 747


7  million
Stage 2 Construction of passengers’ air terminal conceived to host 500.000 passengers per year on a surface of 5 500 meter square divided into 2 levels: ground floor 4.000 meter square and flat 1.500 meter square.   26 million 

Stage 3

Construction of general average buildings and freight on a surface of 1.200 m² for assistance operations to planes, freight treatment and air terminal technical services.
2001  Renewal of  boundary light take-off runway  4  million 

Stage 1

Reinforcement of take-off runway, principal slip road, parallel taxiway and plane parking 

32 million

Stage 2 Reinforcement and heightening of the fence and construction of covered road  

14 million

Stage 3 Renewal of control tower equipment

6  million

Stage 4 Renewal of aerial navigation assistance equipment 

20 million

Stage 5 Security Equipment  
 2,5 million

 Dakhla Airport:


Year Works Description Amount
1981  Construction of a new track : 3.000 m X 45 m, main access road,  parking space able to receive 3 medium haul planes simultaneously:                                                         
MAD 40 million

 Setting up of runway and lane boundary lights  

MAD 4 million
2001-2002 VOR and DME equipment
  MAD 7.5 million
Stage 1

Development and extension of the existing reception building. 
MAD 1 million
Stage 2
Renewal of tower control equipment
MAD 6 million

Stage 1

Reinforcement of track, access road and planes parking MAD 18 million
MAD 18 million
Stage 2 Reinforcement and heightening of domanial fence  MAD 5 million
2006-2007  Construction of a new 3.500 meter square air terminal zone for passengers, technical block, control tower, various buildings, car park and access road.  
MAD 100 million


Smara Airport :


Year  Works Description 
Since 1977  Construction of a 1.700 m length take-off runway over 33,60m   MAD 21,5 million

 Lengthening of take-off runway by 1.300 m increasing it to 3000 m  

 Construction of a traffic area (230 m X 80 m) Construction of an access road 100 m X 15 m 



The following table presents the main traffic airports in the Sahara region on 31 December 2005 in terms of arrivals, departures, transit and freight:


Plane movement


Freight (tons)


3 558

76 646




21 442


 Map illustrating airports:


Source : Office National Des Aéroports (2007)

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